JIP 137: Yanti Amos

Yanti Amos: from lawyer to yoga studio owner

Yanti shares her life journey with us which took her to many different corners of the world!

Born in Australia with Indonesian parents, Yanti grew up looking different from others and - still to this day - had to answer how she could speak such fluent English considering her Indonesian physical traits. Yanti shares with us the origin of her name, and the importance of her Javanese origins in her life.

Yanti has been a successful lawyer for 17 years in multiple countries. However, after "a mid-life crisis" as she calls it, she made a huge change and became a yoga instructor & studio owner in New York City!

Towards the end of the episode, we also talk about how during the pandemic, by simply reaching out to friends around the globe, she ended up putting together a group of more than 100 women to share their stories & support each other about their domestic violence experiences.


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