JIP 133: Erin Opfell

Erin Opfell: my male to female transition story

After going viral on LinkedIn thanks to a post about her transition, Erin comes on the show to tell us about her story.

As she told us, she always wanted to be a girl, she dreamed about it. However, she was born as a boy in a very strict family where this was simply not acceptable, she was not able to explore her gender identity for many years, and had to repress this side of herself until becoming an adult.

Erin talks to us about multiple business trips she took to the Philippines, and how they impacted her in the long journey of becoming who she wanted to be.

It has not been easy for Erin - as it is often the case for transgender people unfortunately - but after years of living in the closet, she is now out & happy to be her true authentic self, and is ready to embark on a new adventure that is her transition.

We really hope your enjoy this episode!

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