JIP 130: Adrian Molina

Adrian Molina: how Yoga can help with depression & mental health

Adrian comes back on the show today to talk to us about the evolution of his approach to Yoga throughout the years.

Adrian doesn't consider Yoga as a static/non-evolving practice. As human beings evolve, society evolves, and our needs evolve. Indeed it makes sense to adjust the practice of Yoga to suit our current needs - still while respecting the core values & origins of it.

When Adrian started Yoga 20 years ago, it was all about the physicality of it. Learning postures & sequences to get the body moving. However, after deepening his knowledge about Yoga, and also after going through personal difficulties, Adrian started to appreciate more & more what Yoga could do for mental health and overall wellbeing.

Adrian now focuses most of his time to promote this new approach through the Warrior Flow School, where Yoga can serve under-served communities and become accessible to all of us.

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