JIP 129: Agnes Fischer

Agnes Fischer: a fertility story through IVF & egg freezing

Agnes - the author of Eggs Unscrambled - talks to us about her fertility journey through egg freezing & IVF.

As most woman in a marriage, Agnes tried to get pregnant earlier in her life. However, things didn't turn out as expected and she ended up getting a divorce with no children. She had looked at IVF whilst in that relationship, but once it ended, she decided to take control of her own fertility, and give herself (and her future-self) options.

Whist she was in the midst of it and educating herself about egg freezing, embryo freezing, IVF, etc. she started the blog Frozen Please to document her experience... which eventually turned into a book!

Agnes openly shares with us her experience, especially the part of her life after the book which includes donor sperm, finding love, IVF... and motherhood!

She now has 2 beautiful children and wouldn’t change the way she has gone about things.

It’s such an important topic that not many people talk about but that happens very often. It's crucial that we - as a society - become more educated on fertility, and more especially women, before it’s “too late”.

Thank you so much Agnes for sharing your story and talking about this topic with us. And we hope you enjoy the episode.

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