JIP 127: Thomas Constant

Thomas Constant: is eating insects the future of food?

Thomas has the ambition to revolutionize the pet food industry by offering an alternative, sustainable solution to feed your pets: home grown bugs!

Thomas is the founder of The Bug Factory. They offer a kit which allows you to create your self-sustainable source of protein for your pet. Thomas shares with us how he ended up pursuing this pretty unusual & unique idea after having studied design at University.

Like every entrepreneur, starting a new company comes with its challenges, especially when you are trying to disrupt an established market. Thomas gives us an insight on the origin of his adventure, from launching a Kickstarter campaign to joining an incubator & raising money from investors.

A truly inspiring episode about a topic we don't hear about often but which could be part of our lives in a few years. You will see that using insects as a protein source is not that farfetched and we are very excited to see what Thomas & The Bug Factory will be serving our pets - and maybe us - in the near future!

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