JIP 124: Eko Brewery

Eko Brewery: meet the founders Anthony & Helena Adedipe

Anthony & Helena are the founders of Eko Brewery, a brewery based in England creating African-inspired craft beers.

Anthony & Helena both share where their respective interests for beers come from, and how a hobby for crafty beers eventually evolved into a passion and slowly became a business.

There are many craft beers out there nowadays, but what differentiates Eko is that each beer get inspiration from the African continent. Anthony & Helena have their roots in Nigeria & Congo. They use techniques & ingredients from their countries and continent to make Eko's beers special and standing out from the others.

Despite both having a full time job and being parents of 2 daughter, they share with us the ups & downs of developing and running a business in the beverage industry... and their goals for the future.

If you are based in the UK, we highly recommend trying Eko's beers 🍻

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