JIP 123: Eddie Marti Kring

Eddie Marti Kring: what LGBTQIA+ advocacy really means

Eddie is dedicating his life as an activist to defend the people's rights. To close this month of June & Pride month, we are very happy to have Eddie on the show to talk in detail about his personal experiences as a gay man and the challenges members of the LGBTQIA+ community still face to this day.

Eddie vulnerability shares with us his struggles as a child & teenager, the confusion he felt navigating his own feelings & what he was perceiving from the world about homosexuality. Eddie was rejected by his mother when she discovered he was gay, which led him to homelessness as a teenager.

Through his personal experiences & what he witnessed during years of activism, we discuss at length the personal & societal changes necessary to make an impact for the current & future generations, and create a safer & more loving world.

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