JIP 122: Special, behind the scenes of the show

Special: behind the scenes of the show

In today’s episode, Rosie & Jeremie talk about the behind the scenes of the Just Interesting People podcast. We talk about why we started a podcast in the first place, the technical side of things, how we find guests, promoting the podcast on social media, editing and then we talked about our challenges and gains.

One thing is for sure.. we love doing this podcast. We love to learn about other people’s experiences and also reflect that back within ourselves and learn more about our morals, our beliefs and start to question things deeper.

Of course, we couldn’t do this without our guests so shout out to everyone who has come onto the podcast and shared their story! And thank you to our listeners.

We feel very lucky to be doing this and we hope you enjoy this episode as we talk about the reality behind the scenes of hosting your own show - including the reality of staying motivated!

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