JIP 121: Eleanor Watkins

Eleanor Watkins: becoming chef

In today's episode, we welcome our sister-in-law Eleanor. Eleanor is a chef based in Surrey (England) near London, founder of Educated Cooking.

Eleanor is from Louisville, Kentucky in the United States. She starts by sharing with us about her upbringing: growing up in a privileged family, taking up horse riding & competing internationally, but also some personal struggles.

Early on Eleanor had a strong interest in food & cooking. She got a degree in Nutrition in the US, then moved to the UK to attend a Master’s in Food Science at the University of Leeds. That's when she met Olly, Rosie's brother, who would later become her husband.

Eleanor talks to us openly about the challenges of a career as a chef. Not having a set clear path to reach your goals, dealing with the craziness of the job, experimenting with different concepts to create a successful business, adjusting to health issues to have a sustainable career... it's far from an easy path as you will see!

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