JIP 120: Matthew Koman

Matthew Koman: finding balance through sports & helping others

Matt is a professional athlete who plays for the USA Beach Handball Team and is also a holistic coach. Matt's life has always been very "sport-centric", growing up with athlete parents and playing baseball, basketball & (American) football himself.

Matt is a very talented athlete, with innate skills, great DNA and an attraction to competition. However for years, Matt lacked the skills surrounding the sports: rest, nutrition, taking care of his mental & emotional health, etc. From the outside, his twenties looked extremely successful as he was coaching professional athletes and high-performers, and he even opened a middle-school for young athletes! But he was also burning himself out.

Now in his early thirties, Matt has learned how to take care of himself and live a more holistic balanced life. He intentionally shares his knowledge with individuals who are looking to breakthrough and live a more healthy lifestyle, plus he also works with businesses to bring healthier practices to their workplace.

A conversation full of golden nuggets which we hope through Matt's experiences & perspectives will bring a ton of value for you as well! Enjoy.

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