JIP 119: Nasser aka Mister Fuji

Nasser aka Mister Fuji:  the Pokemon collector

Nasser is a famous collector in the Pokemon world, also known as Mister Fuji. Like many kids on the planet, Nasser fell in love with Pokemon as a child in 1999 when the 1st game was released on the Game Boy.

On top of playing the video game, Nasser started collecting the cards as well (like many did including Jeremie). However, the main difference with most people in the world, is that he didn't throw away his cards when he got older.

In 2014, when Nasser had a stable job and the financial resources, he started collecting cards again... his love for Pokemon didn't fade away. From there, everything skyrocketed and in a few years Nasser became a full time collector/trader/investor!

He now owns very rare unique cards, and has a collection worth hundreds of thousands of dollars 🤯 Pokemon completely changed his life. So listen to this episode if you want to find out exactly how that happened!

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