JIP 118: Sam Lister

Sam Lister: can you be a successful entrepreneur at 22 years old

Back in 2019, in a self-development program, Jeremie met Sam who was 19 years-old at the time. When talking about what he wanted to achieve in life, he said "I'd like to create my own University"! Not the answer you expect from a 19 year-old 😅

We first talked to Sam on the show in 2020 (Episode 12), and decided to interview him every year to follow his growth & entrepreneurial journey... so he was back on the podcast in 2021 (Episode 73) and in today's show for the 3rd time!

Sam starts with a quick recap of his journey so far, from graduating from High School & not going to College to shifting his business during the pandemic. We talk about his new interest in YouTube, experimenting with content creation, scaling his business, etc.

Sam shares openly & vulnerably about the highs & lows of his life. At 22 years-old he has achieved everything he ever dreamed of. But, as you can imagine, being an entrepreneur also comes with a lot of responsibilities & sources of anxiety.

It's always a pleasure for us to chat to Sam, we hope you enjoy it, and we are already looking forward to the next chapter!

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