JIP 114: Special, 1 year of becoming digital nomads

Special: 1 year of entrepreneurship & nomadism

On May 1st 2021, we left Miami, our jobs, our friends and most of our belongings to start a new chapter of our lives: becoming digital nomads to travel the world while working on our online projects/businesses. We worked hard to save enough money to be able to take this break. Our goal was (still is) to create enough financial freedom to live the lifestyle that we want.

However things didn't go as we planned. In this episode we reflect on the past 12 months, the challenges we have been facing, the ups & downs, our struggles, etc.

If you look at our lives from the scope of social media, it might seem like we are living a perfect dream... we are giving you a glimpse of how our 1st year of being entrepreneurs & digital nomads is actually going.

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Special - Rosie & Jeremie

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