JIP 110: Alana Ashley

Alana Ashley: how challenges can lead to success

We could resume this episode by saying "whatever life throws at you, don't give up, keep going".

Alana starts by sharing about her childhood, growing up in an unstable environment with her parents separated and moving places quite a lot... even living in a shelter at some point. Alana also shares about how her mom being queer impacted her, and how it facilitated things when she realized she was queer herself.

Alana looked back and reflected on how the challenges of her childhood & teens years shaped her personality and impacted her life on various aspects (being scared of stability, money, etc).

Eventually, Alana started to turn her life around after a mentor introduced her to hairstyling then to a self-development training. It helped her to see her true value and to work on her self-limiting beliefs. After that she started to invest in herself and focus her energy on doing something fulfilling and meaningful for herself.

She now works for herself as a hairstylist between Atlanta & Miami. But she's not your average hairstylist. Through hairstyling she creates a loving space for her clients to feel safe, empowered & understood. This is more than pretty haircuts, Alana works with her clients to make them feel their absolute best.

A wonderful conversation with an inspiring and young woman. Enjoy!

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