JIP 108: Yariela Sequeira

Yariela Sequeira: normalizing therapy & mental health

Yari is a licensed mental health counselor, or as she like to call herself an "outside the box licensed mental health counselor" to be precise.

Yari wants to democratize a different approach to "traditional" therapy, a more human & holistic approach centered around connection, communication and love.

She takes us on a journey from Nicaragua to the United States through Honduras. She openly shares with us what motivated her to get into psychology, and we dive into her career working with many different populations such as families, people in the penitentiary system (sex offenders, murderers, drug addicts, etc) and much more.

We also talk about mental health, the misconceptions and stigma surrounding this complex & sensitive topic. Once again, her definition and description of mental health might surprise you!

A truly fascinating conversation which we hope will bring a new light to what you might think of therapy.

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More about Yari:
Her website: https://morethantherapylmhc.com
Learn more from Yari in the Warrior Flow School 200-hour Yoga Training: https://warriorflowschool.com

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Yariela Sequeira

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