JIP 107: Kirill Ignatieff

Kirill Ignatieff: bridging the gap between Technology & Spirituality

Kirill is a super interesting guy with an amazing mindset and high-level of awareness, which was clear throughout the whole conversation.

Kirill was born in Belarus and grew up with good education but experienced the effects of the Cold War including rationed foods. It was during his childhood that Kirill realized he excelled at sciences and developed his interest for technology & creativity.

He now lives in Miami, but his American journey started in North Carolina. He then moved to San Fransisco to attend UC Berkeley to study business. Kirill worked in the corporate world but eventually decided to quit his high-paid job to follow his dreams and start his own business.

Kirill now spends his time working on his businesses 22portraits and Capsul, and his project 22stories.

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Kirill Ignatieff

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