JIP 105: Carlos DelaPlaya

Carlos DelaPlaya: how to love your authentic self

We are happy to welcome Carlos on the show once again. If you missed our first conversation with him, you can check it out here: https://justinterestingpeople.com/jip-002-carlos-rubio

In this episode, we dive into Carlos' journey on living a true authentic life. Carlos has spent an incredible amount of time, energy and money to grow as a person. His goal is to live as authentically as he can, in alignment with his higher self.

As good as this sound, this is not all unicorns and rainbows. It requires a lot of work, shadow work, to face your own personal struggles. Carlos shares openly and vulnerably about his ups & downs and the challenges he faced (and is still facing) along the way.

Carlos drops a ton of golden nuggets and useful advice which can be implemented in your life to start (or continue) your self-development journey.

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