JIP 104: Special, 2 year anniversary

Special: 2 year anniversary, launching on YouTube!

2 years... 104 weeks... 104 episodes. This is WILD!

To celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Just Interesting People, we are happy to announce the launch of our YouTube channel 🥳 For 103 episodes you could only listen to us... from now on you will also be able watch us, and most importantly our amazing guests! Please consider subscribing to the channel 🙏

We are also happy to announce the creation of our membership community through Buy Me a Coffee where you can become a ⭐ Just Interesting Fan ⭐! This serves multiple purposes:

  1. By joining, you will be part of our VIP private community where you will get exclusives & behind the scenes content.
  2. If you like our show, this is a way to support us. Listening to and watching the episodes is completely free. Plus, we want the podcast to stay ad-free. Through the membership, you will support us and help us continue to run the podcast.
  3. As this community grows, we will add more perks in the future and you can be sure that our early fans will always have a special place.

Enjoy this very special episode, and thank you so much for tuning in!

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