JIP 103: Oliver Collinson

Oliver Collinson: focusing on what makes you happy

In today's episode we welcome Oliver, aka Olly aka Rosie's little brother! We kick off the conversation talking about his childhood, and how growing up with a lot of freedom and values such as "do what makes you happy" from a young age impacted his mindset and life choices.

As a child, Olly's parents always took the family away on vacations. Olly kept a strong interest in traveling and went on multiple travels around the world, exploring many countries and creating unforgettable memories. He also shares with us how he dealt with a very tragic accident that happened during one of his travels.

Olly graduated in 2014 with a Masters in Transport Economics and has been enjoying a successful career as a consultant since then. However, Olly always had a strong interest in business and entrepreneurship. For the past few years he had many (many) ideas, explored some more than others and is now working with his wife on Educated Cooking.

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