JIP 102: Lorraine Kyriazis

Lorraine Kyriazis: taking risks to live a fulfilled life

Lorraine's life has been a rollercoaster! She grew up in a working class family in Manchester, England. When she was 19 years old, she met the man who would become her first husband and a few years later moved to Malaysia with him. She created 2 business there, had 2 beautiful children, including our dear friend Jojo, but realized after a while that she wasn't happy and fulfilled in her marriage and her life.

In the early 2000s, when internet came around, she "met" a man from New York who became a friend... and after a tragic family event, she realized life was too short to waste time and be unhappy and she decided to book a one-way ticket to NYC to meet Jimmy in-person. Her plan was to visit New York, see what would happen with this potential relationship, then bring her children over once she was settled and safe.

However things didn't turn out completely as planned... it took 1 year for Michael & Joanne to see their mother again in NYC! Jojo, still being young at this time, stayed in America with her mother while Michael who was older went back to Malaysia.

Lorraine and her husband started a successful business in NYC, and are now living happily in Miami. She is a very up beat person with a go getter personality who says yes to life and love. She is also a very good business woman who has started many profitable and incredible businesses.

Lorraine is such an inspiration and a reminder that life is for living. Make sure you do things that make you happy and "go for it".

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Lorraine Kyriazis

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