JIP 098: Bresly Frech Schipper

Bresly Frech Schipper: German Peruvian culture immersion

We had the pleasure of spending 2.5 weeks with Bresly near Oxapampa, in the middle of Peru, through the website Worldpackers (a platform listing volunteering opportunities across the world).

Bresly grew up in Oxapampa, a city founded by Austrian and German settlers in the 19th century. It is surrounded by mountains and forest, and offers an incredible diversity of birds, insects, other wildlife and flora. From a young age Bresly created a special bond and connection with nature which led her to move to Germany to study Forest Sciences & Forest Ecology in University.

After 10 years in Germany, Bresly moved back to Peru to reconnect with her roots and her family. She uses her passion & knowledge for the forest & nature to educate others (tourists like us and children through school programs) about the importance of preserving the ecosystem in the province and ultimately our planet.

We had a fantastic time with Bresly and she is always taking on more volunteers, so if you ever want to spend time immersed in the Peruvian Cloud Forests learning about another culture, tasting new foods, and learning how to live a more simple life, we have left the link below.

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