JIP 096: Walter Espíndola

Walter Espíndola: life in Peru & becoming an ornithologist

We met Walter during our trip in Peru when we stayed with Bresly, close to Oxapampa, for a volunteering experience with Worldpackers. Walter was born in 1988 in Lima, the capital of Peru, where he also grew up. He talks to us about his childhood and education, but also about the political and economic situation in Peru at that time and the impact it had on the way he was raised.

Walter is extremely knowledgeable about his country and the Peruvian culture and he offers many interesting insights about life in Peru.

Drawn towards science and biology, Walter went to the San Marco University in Lima to become a biologist researcher. Thanks to a professor who became a mentor, he specialized in studying plants, then birds, to become an ornithologist. His studies gave him the opportunity to travel around South America to work on multiple projects, then move to the USA for a few years to go to The Pennsylvania State University.

He is now finishing his research publication along side free lance work and hopes to continue his research journey around the world.

This was a super fascinating conversation where we learned so much about Walter but also about life in Peru. If you have any questions about birds - he is your guy!

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If you made it to the very end of the episode, these are the birds Walter mentions.

Harpy eagle
Harpy eagle


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