JIP 094: Tara Rahmani

Tara Rahmani: navigating life & demystifying the word FAT

Tara is a young woman trying to figure out life. We start this episode talking about the important life decisions we are faced with in our late teen years and early twenties, that will have a huge impact later on in life. Tara went to college and graduated from engineering school with more than $100,000 in student loan. The problem is, she didn't really enjoy her major and probably won't make a career of it.

However during her entire education, Tara spent a lot of her time successfully helping younger students by getting involved into numerous programs. These opportunities got her interested in design thinking, entrepreneurship and made her question what she really wanted to do in her life.

The conversation then takes a turn around Tara's body image, fat shaming and fat positivity. She shares her interesting and eye-opening opinion on the use of the word "fat".

To finish, we conclude the episode with the use of social media, and how Tara consistently makes the effort to use her Instagram account to raise awareness of many social issues happening in our world. It is easy to share something when it's trendy to look good in the eyes of our followers, but Tara doesn't follow the trend, she shares constantly in an effort to support and help those causes.

We hope you get inspired by the conversation with Tara, who like many of us, is simply navigating through the rollercoaster of life and doing her best to create a happy life for herself.

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Tara Rahmani

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