JIP 092: Special, Living a different life

Special: Living a different life

In this special episode with just us - Rosie & Jérémie - we talk about our decision to live a different life. Why did we decide to leave Miami, a city we deeply love, where we had amazing friends, lived an incredible lifestyle where Jeremie had a well-paid job?

We go back in time to the way we were raised, the concepts and ideas which were ingrained into us throughout our education and life. But we also share about the challenges we experienced which made us realize life could be different.

The purpose of this episode is to show that the narrative most of us are told about, is not the only way to live life. There are many other ways to live, other ways to be happy, other ways to be successful.

We hope you find value in this conversation. And if you have any feedback or comments about what we talked about, please reach out to us!

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Living a different life

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