JIP 091: Lisa Serrano

Lisa Serrano: questioning life choices

Lisa is a 19 year old French woman (although you wouldn't know it from her beautiful English accent) with big dreams. Despite her young age, she is extremely mature and questions more about life than many "grown-ups". She is studying speech therapy at university - and is a very good student - but she wonders if that's really what she wants for her life.

Her true passion is music and singing. Lisa started learning piano at 8 years old and since then her love of playing music and singing only grew more and more. As Rosie says, she has a voice of an angel. She shares with us what music means to her, but also her creative process as she also writes her own songs (and she is working on a musical!!).

It is pretty unusual to meet a 19 year old with this level of awareness and maturity. She doesn't want life to just happen to her, to get trapped into what society wants her to conform into. She wants to be happy and fulfilled. It is not easy to follow your dreams, especially without the right environment around. But Lisa shows that when you really want something, it is up to you to make your own choices to achieve your goals.

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