JIP 090: Daryl Santos

Daryl Santos: Cuban childhood, coming out, modeling & entrepreneur life

Daryl was Born in Cuba and spent the first 14 years of his life on the island. He shares with us his life as a child over there, going to school, connecting with nature, being at the farm, but also being a bit disconnected to the world as there wasn't much Internet.

At 14 years old, Daryl and his family moved to Miami and started a new life in the Magic City. That came with its challenges as Daryl had to learn a new language, discover and adapt to a new culture... but it was also a time where Daryl was discovering more about himself and particularly his sexuality. He shares the difficulty of coming out to his family, something not straightforward especially in a Latin household.

Years later, Daryl is a confident beautiful man who models and runs a marketing agency - Oszo Lab - which allows him to express his creativity in the fashion, beauty, wellness and lifestyle industry.

Stay tuned until the very end of the show (after we close the episode) as Jeremie had an extra question about the origins of Daryl's name.

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