JIP 089: Millicent Huser

Millicent Huser: helping others live their dream lives

Milli was one of Jeremie's coaches when he did Gratitude Training, a self-development program. Milli had a chaotic childhood as her mom suffered from mental illnesses and her brother was a sociopath. She had to adjust and adapt in order to survive in her household.

This led to some complicated years from her teen years to mid-twenties where she used alcohol and drugs to function. However, what started as a way to numb the pain became an addiction.

When Milli was eventually able to get sober, she went back to school and decided to dedicate her life to helping others. She has been working with people struggling with addiction, first responders and others, and now focuses on people like you and me to achieve their dream life.

This was such a deep conversation with lots of raw and honest moments. Milli doesn't hide her truth and in fact, uses it to empower herself and others. She is proof that you can have a tough start in life.. and then turn it around and use your skills and compassion to help other people. Wow, what an incredible individual!

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Millicent Huser

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