JIP 083: Nelson Rodriguez

Nelson Rodriguez: poor Cuban upbringing turns into rich ambition

Nelson starts off by talking to us about his relationship with money. We talk about his experience growing up without a lot of money and how that upbringing made him want to have more money as an adult. He tells us that money is not a bad thing, but instead, it can be a magnifying glass which can bring you freedom and happiness if used correctly.

We then talked about his early adulthood, studying and working lots of hours but still being broke, until he got his big break with a friend's business. It was a really interesting conversation about money mindset and how his beliefs around money have changed over the years.

Nelson then talked to us about Cuba. Growing up in Miami but coming from a Cuban family, he told us horror stories of his home country... how family & friends escaped on boats, what people used to eat in desperate times and how Cuba has been affected by the pandemic. Cuba is a beautiful country but there are lots of ways in which Cuban people's lives could be greatly improved.

Lastly, we talked about Nelson's passion for creating music. He talks to us about how it's a form of therapy for him and a way for him to express himself.

This was such a diverse conversation where we talked about lots of different topics but we thoroughly enjoyed chatting with Nelson and we hope you enjoy listening to it too.

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