JIP 080: Gabrielle Demmer

Gabrielle Demmer: the importance of being your true self

Demmer was born and raised in Miami, Florida and tells us about how belly dancing and Flamenco dancing from the age of 3 gave her self confidence to perform on stage but also how to be comfortable within her own body. She talks to us about self expression and why dancing (in any form) is so important to her.

We discuss her rebellious teenage years, getting her first tattoo in a garage at the age of 16 and the meaning behind it. Demmer also shares about her religious upbringing and the change her mom made to switch to Buddhism and how this decision affected her life.

Demmer studied finance in college but after her partner went through a life altering event, she decided to do something that brought her true joy, so got into the hospitality industry. She loves festivals for the music, the freedom of self expression and also for the magical moments that happen during these events. She tells us a really cool story about a festival experience and why she does what she does.

This is a really lovely conversation where we cover a wide range of subjects as we get to know Demmer on a deeper level.

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