JIP 079: Shane Taylor

Shane Taylor: befriending anxiety & depression

Shane is an anxiety, depression & trauma coach, founder of MBS Repair (Mind, Body, Soul Repair). To quote him, his goal is "to connect the bridge between human & emotions, to turn pain into power".

In this episode, Shane openly shares with us how he has been navigating through life with years of anxiety and depression. After years of suffering and pain, he got really sick with his body sort of shutting down. Shane completely lost interest in life... but eventually found the strength to get up and take the reins of his own destiny.

After lots of work on himself, he was able to create a new relationships with anxiety and depression, accepting them rather than rejecting them. He is now helping others to face their pain to live a happier life.

Shane dropped so many gems during our conversation that we are sure will inspire many of you.

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