JIP 078: Marina Banfi

Marina Banfi: traveling and connecting with the ocean

In today's episode we welcome our friend Marina. Marina grew up in Argentina (with 4 sisters including a twin sister), and was very fortunate to travel a lot during her youth with her family. This gave her a taste for traveling which became a huge part of her life.

Marina decided to work in the hotel and tourism business, which gave her the opportunity to combine her professional life and her passion for travel as she was able to work and live in multiples countries such as France and Australia.

Throughout her life, Marina has built a special connection to the ocean and marine life such as dolphins and sharks. Her love for the ocean kept growing over the years to the point where she decided that she wanted it to be a more important part of her life. She is now dedicating more and more time getting educated and educating others about the ocean, marine life preservation, pollution, and more!

We really hope you enjoy the episode.

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Marina Banfi

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