JIP 071: Angelique Andrade

Angelique Andrade: autism and gender identify (she/they)

We met Angelique during our Yoga Teacher Training in early 2021. During this training, they educated us about Autism. The conversations that we had were so interesting that we had to bring them on the show!

In this episode Angelique openly shares with us how they felt when they found out that they were autistic in their early twenties. They describe the autistic characteristics they experience, the ways they channel their energy and calm them self down... but also what can we all do, individually and as a society, to help autistic people feel supported, loved and respected.

Then Angelique gives us their insights as someone who is gender queer. They explain how they identify neither as a man or woman, what it means for them personally, the importance of respecting people's differences - even if we don't always understand, and much more.

We really hope you will learn as much as we did during this really interesting and educational conversation.

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Angelique Andrade

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