JIP 068: Vanessa Arias

Vanessa Arias: photographer's journey from Venezuela to Hawaii

Vanessa tells us about growing up in Venezuela and her childhood dreams of becoming a diplomat. She shares with us how much of a difficult decision it was to leave her family behind but after getting a green card through the Diversity Visa program and moving to the Jersey in the US.

6 months later, Vanessa found a job in Miami and moved to a new city by herself. This turned out to be a very important decision for her, as when she was there, she studied photography at Roberto Mata School of Photography. She became friendly with the owner which thenĀ led her to finding a job in Hawaii as a professional photographer in a resort.

Vanessa spends a lot of her time in Hawaii surrounded by nature and has since discovered a new passion - nude photography. She talks to us about the process, the models and how we all criticize our own bodies so much, yet we are all beautiful beings in our own way.

A truly inspiring episode of taking risks, breaking boundaries and following your dreams.

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