JIP 066: Daniel Quintana

Daniel Quintana: social entrepreneur, traveler and photographer

Daniel, born and raised in Miami, always loved travel. As a student, he decided to head to Asia to step outside of his comfort zone & discover a new culture. He ended up finding a job in China and stayed in the area for a few years, traveling from one country to another in South East Asia.

Daniel is a talented photographer with a big heart who loves to give. While traveling he carried a camera & a small printer in order to hand out beautiful portraits to people he met in the street.

He is now combining all of his skills to grow a United Nations award winning startup called I LikeLocal, a marketplace providing experiences to travelers with locals.

He has turned his passion for travel into a full time job and gets to travel for work whilst helping people along the way. A really lovely story of following your dreams, taking chances and not being afraid to explore the world.

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