JIP 063: The Warrior Flow Foundation

The Warrior Flow Foundation: a different approach to yoga

In today's episode, we are joined by not 1 but 3 guests! You might know them already as they have all been guests on the podcast to share their individual & personal stories.

We - Rosie & Jeremie - completed our yoga teacher training with The Warrior Flow Foundation in March 2021. We learned so much from it that we decided to give you a glimpse of it. What made this training special was that it was focused on making yoga available & accessible for everyone and raising awareness of the inequality in the yoga world.

Adrian, Dennis & Sari share with us why they decided to create this unique & special training, their motivation, and also their vision for the future of yoga.

Learn Trauma-Informed Yoga with Adrian Molina and Dennis Hunter on May 15 & 16 2021:

Warrior Flow 200-hour Online Conscious Yoga Teacher Training in September 2021:

Adrian's episode: https://justinterestingpeople.com/jip-009-adrian-molina/
Dennis' episode: https://justinterestingpeople.com/jip-011-dennis-hunter/
Sari's episode: https://justinterestingpeople.com/jip-058-sari-velar/

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