JIP 060: Kerel Revis

Kerel Revis: story of a black gay man in America

Kerel is a black gay man who grew up in a religious family with pastor parents, going to an all-white school in small-town America. As you might imagine, that came with lots of challenges for him.

Kerel shares openly the struggles of growing up in this environment & how he eventually became who he really is. We talk about his first gay experiences, embracing his identity, finding his husband and also about the small microaggressions that happen on a daily basis due to the color of his skin.

Kerel is also the creator and co-host of Minoritea Report, a podcast he hosts with 2 friends where they talk about people of color in the LQBTQIA+ community (PS: we highly recommend watching them on YouTube as Kerel and his friends love to wear wigs & have fun 😁).

This is such a wonderful and powerful episode full of lots of takeaways to help everyone navigate this thing called life!

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Kerel Revis

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