JIP 057: Demas Rusli

Demas Rusli: visual creator mixing his love for architecture & photography

Demas is a well-known photographer & designer who was born in Indonesia but moved to Sydney, Australia as a young boy and still lives there to this day!

Although he lives in one of the world's most iconic cities, he travels all over the world capturing incredible landscapes & interesting architecture. He is renowned for his editing techniques & skills in Photoshop, which he uses to create unique artwork.

One of the first brand deals he got was photographing some trainers for Adidas and he now works with brands like Adobe & Samsung on a regular basis!

He talks to us about his entire journey from studying architecture at university & working in the business for several years before leaving it all to do photography & content creation full time.

He is such a lovely guy and we really hope you enjoy getting to know him more as we discuss basketball, YouTube, podcasting & his favorite travel destinations!

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