JIP 054: Sue Marinello

Sue Marinello: producer, artist, super mom & art healer

Sue has experienced so much in her life.

She grew up in a very religious Mormon family where she had strict rules to abide by and not much freedom or self-expression.

In her teenage years, she started photography as a hobby which turned into art therapy and then her career. She toured with bands, had her photographs in art galleries, photographed hundreds of weddings, and had big dreams... all the while bringing up her 2 children as a single mom.

We talk about her coming out as gay to her 2 children, road tripping around the States with them for 3 months, and now being a video producer & working with some celebrities.

We told you she has experienced a lot... and this is only scratching the surface! Make sure you go and listen!

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Sue Marinello

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