JIP 051: Katie Oxenhorn

Katie Oxenhorn: female DJ opening up about life with dermatomyositis

Katie is a Miami based DJ who has such an inspiring back story to tell. From looking at her, you would have no idea that she struggled with a health problem from when she was a teenager all throughout her life and has only just recently come off her medication. She shares how it all started, how it affected her life, how she finally got diagnosed with dermatomyositis, and how it gave her a greater appreciation of life.

She has traveled the world, works with children, and is a DJ! She is part of The Fates Collective which is a group of female DJs who all support each other and do gigs all over the states!

Katie also has a pet bird called Skyler, so we talk about life with a bird, how to train a bird, how intelligent Skyler is, etc.

We really hope you enjoy learning more about Katie, about her background, what she has gone through, and also how she made it to where she is now!

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