JIP 050: Ryan Johnson

Ryan Johnson: sports cards store owner, achieving his childhood dream

From a young age, Ryan has always loved sports cards. For years he has been buying & selling cards on eBay or other platforms. In 2013 he started an Instagram page, CardCollector2, to share his beautiful collection. That was the beginning of a crazy journey. A few years later, Ryan was making enough money from selling cards online that he was able to pay for his wedding and quit his job.

In 2019, Ryan realized his lifelong dream and opened his first brick & mortar card store- CardCollector2 sports card, in Columbus, Ohio. He is now co-hosting CardTalk, a podcast about the card hobby, and he is about to open a brand new store.

At 28 years old, and in less than 10 years, Ryan managed to turn his childhood passion into a profitable business. From selling cards on his computer to now having 10 employees working for him.

We hope you enjoy discovering this unusual hobby and feel inspired to pursue your dreams!

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