JIP 038: Nikki Bigger

Nikki Bigger: the adventures of van life

Nikki just moved to an apartment. Nothing exciting about that I know. What's interesting is that before then, she was living in a van!

More and more people are getting into van life. It sounds like a dream (We - Rosie & Jeremie - have thought about it for quite some time, to be honest). After dropping out of college (twice), Nikki decided to go traveling. It was in New Zealand where she fell in love with this #vanlife lifestyle... so much so, that she spent the next 2 years living there in a van!

After moving back to Canada, where Nikki is originally from, she decided to build her own van (with some help from her family) in less than a month!

Nikki shares her good & bad experiences with us because even though it's a dreamy lifestyle, it comes with some drawbacks as well!

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Nikki Bigger

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