JIP 037: Alejandra Hernandez

Alejandra Hernandez: meeting her biological father at 26 years-old

Growing up with a Colombian mom in Maryland, Alejandra then moved to Miami with an ex-boyfriend. After an early breakup, she found herself trapped in a negative spiral.

Alejandra didn't know or grow up with her biological father. However once in Miami, she decided to look for him and happened to find him... in Miami. She has since met her biological half-brothers and the other side of her family.

Alejandra then explains to us why she decided to quit her job and everything else to go backpacking in Latin America for a few months.

Another huge part of Alejandra's life is to help women of color in their search for better jobs and equal rights. Alejandra talks to us about where her passion for helping minority women started and where she hopes to go in the future.

She is a strong woman with amazing goals and aspirations in life who has overcome some struggles but uses these times to push forwards with her mission.

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