JIP 035: Our pregnancy & infant loss story Part 3

The aftermath of the abortion: suicidal thoughts, depression, triggers - Our pregnancy & infant loss story Part 3

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, so we decided to record a 4 part series to share our own personal story.

Since 2016, we (Rosie & Jeremie) have had 4 pregnancies, all of which ended with a loss. All 4 of them were very different in many ways but ultimately had the same result.

During this 3rd episode of the series, we cover the funeral & the months after the abortion. Dealing with depression, having suicidal thoughts, going back to work, seeing friends having kids, etc.

Once again, we both dealt with the aftermath in totally different ways. So we both share our experiences, feelings & emotions.

We also take time to talk about all the triggers, the reminders in our society that constantly remind us about what happened. A lot of little things you only notice when such a tragedy happens to you.

Once again, thank you for listening, grab some tissues and listen to our story.

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