JIP 034: Our pregnancy & infant loss story Part 2

Going through an abortion - Our pregnancy & infant loss story Part 2

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, so we decided to record a 4 part series to share our own personal story.

Since 2016, we (Rosie & Jeremie) have had 4 pregnancies, all of which ended with a loss. All 4 of them were very different in many ways but ultimately had the same result.

In this 2nd part, we focus on the abortion itself. We go into detail about what actually happened on the day and how it happened. We do our best to describe how it felt and what was going on, physically & emotionally. Both Jeremie & Rosie experienced the exact same thing, but had very different experiences and in this episode we talk about how it felt for both of us in this situation. We discuss the differences between being the woman physically having the abortion and the man watching his wife have an abortion. It's a complex topic but we tried our best to be as open and honest as possible.

We also share about the days after, planning the funeral, going home, dealing with family, and the day of the funeral too.

Grab some tissues and listen to our story.

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