JIP 026: Miranda Shines

Miranda Shines: conscious rapper ready to shine after in a tough childhood

Miranda is a super talented human being: she is a conscious rap artist, fire bender, yoga teacher, actress, singer, dancer & model!

She will soon be releasing her very first album, Reborn. But before living a fulfilled life in Miami, Miranda had to go through lots of challenges.

Miranda was born in Venezuela but her parents moved to the US when she was just a toddler. Her path took her through lots of places around the world. She had to face her mother being deported, living in a foster home separated from her siblings, alcohol addiction, running away from home, being kicked out of Canada... her life story is a real rollercoaster!

Despite this tumultuous journey and living far from her family, she is a strong determined woman who wants to make an impact and inspire others to chase their dreams too.

We really hope you enjoy this episode!

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