Lara Ekmekji: the power of a mother's love

Lara is one of the strongest women we ever met (well, talked to technically). Her story is absolutely fascinating! She was born in Lebanon but moved to Spain after being pushed to get married.

Her marriage was not what she signed up for as she found out her husband was cheating. She wanted to leave but found out that the law in Lebanon would mean losing her only child to the father. So she stayed married for 20 years until she could leave.

She talks about life in Lebanon, her cheating husband, traveling through war-torn Syria, living life with the sound of bombs going off, moving to Spain. It's an amazing story and shows the incredible lengths mothers will go to in order to protect their children.

This story really demonstrates the power of a mother's love.

We really hope you enjoy this episode!

Lara wrote a book about her story under a pseudonym. You can purchase it on Amazon:
He Never Deserved Me

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