JIP 022: Tim Kassouf

Tim Kassouf: recovering from drug addiction

Tim shares with us his powerful story of how he initially started taking more and more of his prescription drugs until he finally got addicted and turned to hard drugs like Heroin. He shares his journey to recovery including troubled relationships with family & friends and starting a new life whilst living in a halfway house in Florida.

Tim tells us how he found the strength to get clean after giving up on life and is a true inspiration to anyone who might be going through something similar. Listen to this amazing story which shows there is always hope and things can change for the better.

This episode is a great listen for everyone, whether you have been addicted to drugs yourself, know someone who has, or even if this is all new to you. Tim explains his experience in a very open & honest way which really gives a glimpse into what it's like to be a drug addict.

Enjoy the episode!

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