JIP 021: Ellina Sukharenko

Ellina Sukharenko: from an unfulfilling corporate job to a dream life in Miami

Ellina is originally from Belarus but moved to the US when she was 4.

She talks to us about how she moved to Miami and created her dream life. She explains about feeling unfulfilled and unhappy with her cooperate job after climbing the ladder, so she created a meditation session at the workplace which lead to having her own office meditation business. One thing lead to another and now she is a DJ, a meditation leader, a life coach and she founded the Pocket Yoda Social Club where like-minded people can bond & connect with each other.

She is the epitome of creating the life you love and doing things that make you happy. She is a true inspiration and a wonderful woman who is leading the way.

We hope you enjoy the show!

PS: Ellina is offering our listeners 50% off the first month of the Pocket Yoda Social Club membership using the code WELCOMEPOCKETYODA.

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Ellina Sukharenko

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