JIP 019: Liz Gonzalez

Liz Gonzalez: queer badass video producer, ready to shine

Liz is an openly gay Cuban American woman, a wonderful friend and a freaking badass video producer in Miami working with people like Jennifer Lopez! She talks us through her journey from a small town in Georgia to becoming who she is today.

She shares the challenges she had to face growing up as a member of the LGBTQ+ community and discusses the way her friends were treated as LGBTQ+ children. She then moved to Miami and stepped into the video industry. Liz would like to eventually use her skills and talents to give a voice to the people who have been shut down, maltreated and harassed because of their sexual orientation... because of who they love.

How can we fight racism & homophobia? How can we educate people so everyone respects and loves each other?

We really hope you enjoy this episode!

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Liz Gonzalez

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