JIP 120: Matthew Koman

Matthew Koman: finding balance through sports & helping others Matt is a professional athlete who plays for the USA Beach Handball Team and is also a holistic coach. Matt’s life has always been very “sport-centric”, growing up with athlete parents and playing baseball, basketball & (American) football himself. Matt is a very talented athlete, with…

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JIP 117: Shawn J. Moore

Shawn J. Moore, The Mindful Rebel

Shawn J. Moore: bringing mindfulness to underserved communities Shawn is a meditation teacher, reiki & sound healer, yoga teacher and all around Mindful Rebel. Shawn started meditation when he was teenagers, back when meditation wasn’t really a cool things or a buzz word. He was part of the “weird” crowd of people who meditated and…

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JIP 109: Rodrigo Souza

Rodrigo Souza

Rodrigo Souza: adapting to life in a wheelchair Rodrigo was born and raised in Brazil by a free-spirited mother. From a young age, core values such as gratitude and kindness were taught to him along with a sense of curiosity and adventure due to many house moves. At 22 years-old, Rodrigo decided he wanted to…

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JIP 108: Yariela Sequeira

Yariela Sequeira

Yariela Sequeira: normalizing therapy & mental health Yari is a licensed mental health counselor, or as she like to call herself an “outside the box licensed mental health counselor” to be precise. Yari wants to democratize a different approach to “traditional” therapy, a more human & holistic approach centered around connection, communication and love. She…

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JIP 107: Kirill Ignatieff

Kirill Ignatieff

Kirill Ignatieff: bridging the gap between Technology & Spirituality Kirill is a super interesting guy with an amazing mindset and high-level of awareness, which was clear throughout the whole conversation. Kirill was born in Belarus and grew up with good education but experienced the effects of the Cold War including rationed foods. It was during…

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JIP 105: Carlos DelaPlaya

Carlos DelaPlaya, Carlos Rubio

Carlos DelaPlaya: how to love your authentic self We are happy to welcome Carlos on the show once again. If you missed our first conversation with him, you can check it out here: https://justinterestingpeople.com/jip-002-carlos-rubio In this episode, we dive into Carlos’ journey on living a true authentic life. Carlos has spent an incredible amount of…

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JIP 100: Alvey Thompson

Alvey Thompson, You Can 2: Life Lessons From My Mom's Untimely Death

Alvey Thompson: dive into the You Can 2 book For the 100th episode, we are bringing back our very first guest, Alvey Thompson. Alvey published his first book at the end of 2021, “You Can 2: Life Lessons From My Mom’s Untimely Death” and we are extremely happy to have him back on the show…

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JIP 095: Lauren Wynn

Lauren Wynn

Lauren Wynn: IVF pregnancy after 8 miscarriages In 2016, Lauren and her husband EJ were pregnant for the first time. As most young couples who are trying to have their first child, they were full of joy and extremely excited. A few weeks later, Lauren went for an ultrasound and that’s when she heard for…

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JIP 093: Yuliana Kim-Grant

Yuliana Kim-Grant

Yuliana Kim-Grant: immigration, racism & depression Yuliana was born in South Korea but grew up in the United States as her parents decided to move there when she was a child in the hopes to live a better life. She takes us on a journey from South Korea to LA through Philadelphia and more. Passionate…

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JIP 082: Florian Valette

Florian Valette

Florian Valette: network engineer living in Australia Florian is a dear friend of Jeremie who currently lives in Melbourne, Australia. In 2016, he needed a new challenge in his life, and a friend of his who recently moved to Australia told him about the opportunities in this country. It didn’t take long to Florian to…

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