JIP 065: Jivana Heyman

Jivana Heyman

Jivana Heyman: Accessible Yoga Jivana is the founder and director of the non-profit Accessible Yoga, dedicated to increasing access to yoga teachings. Jivana’s yoga practice started in the 90s in San Francisco. He got involved in the AIDS movement when many of his friends in the gay community were dying from this terrible disease. Jivana…

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JIP 064: Dianne Bondy

Dianne Bondy

Dianne Bondy: Yoga is for Every Body Dianne Bondy is a social justice activist, author, accessible yoga teacher, and the leader of the Yoga For All movement. She was a guest speaker during our 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training and we loved her talk so much, we decided to interview her for you. She shares with…

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JIP 063: The Warrior Flow Foundation

The Warrior Flow Foundation

The Warrior Flow Foundation: a different approach to yoga In today’s episode, we are joined by not 1 but 3 guests! You might know them already as they have all been guests on the podcast to share their individual & personal stories. We – Rosie & Jeremie – completed our yoga teacher training with The…

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JIP 058: Sari Velar

Sari Velar

Sari Velar: cancer, eating disorder & addiction survivor Sari Velar is a cancer warrior, yoga teacher, writer, mom, and advocate for education and ending the stigma surrounding eating disorders, addiction, and mental health. Over 20 years ago, she turned to yoga as an alternative therapy after a life-threatening cancer diagnosis and a subsequent battle with…

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JIP 056: Jennifer Ursillo

Jennifer Ursillo

Jennifer Ursillo: yoga as a business & a lifestyle In today’s episode, Jennifer shares with us how she made fitness & yoga her career. She was born & raised in NYC, in an Italian family which gave her some important values of hard work & discipline. She trained as a swimmer from a very young…

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JIP 041: Elmer Hickman

Elmer Hickman: from homelessness to school principal to personal trainer Elmer is currently in his 40s, but it feels like he has already lived many lives. Elmer grew up in Southern Illinois. He talks to us about his difficult childhood, being homeless, moving school many times, being an angry kid, fighting a lot, etc. Years…

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JIP 029: Kevin Sanchez

Kevin Sanchez

Kevin Sanchez: growing up in Nicaragua and becoming a behavior analyst In today’s episode, we welcome our friend Kevin Sanchez. Kevin was born in California but grew up mostly in Nicaragua. During the first half of the show, he shares with us about life in the poorest country in Central America, studying medicine. We then…

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JIP 027: Jeremy Abramson

Jeremy Abramson

Jeremy Abramson: from living in a car to a penthouse in Miami Beach This episode is loaded with high energy thanks to our amazing guest & friend Jeremy Abramson. He takes us on his journey from California to Miami… from being an insecure super skinny kid to an extraordinary coach, inspiring thousands of people to…

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JIP 009: Adrian Molina

Adrian Molina: the creation of Warrior Flow, and a future dedicated to healing Adrian is the founder of Warrior Flow and The Warrior Flow Foundation. During this episode, he talks to us about moving to Miami from Argentina, then going back and forth between Miami and New York as a yoga teacher. He also shares…

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JIP 007: Mauricio Manfredini

Mauricio Manfredini

Mauricio Manfredini: becoming a super yogi after doctors told him he wouldn’t exercise again Mauricio aka The Millennial Yogi has a fascinating story. A few years ago he was diagnosed with two back hernias and was told he couldn’t run or exercise anymore. He turned to yoga to build up his body and strengthen his…

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